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Dried Pampas Grass – Style G

These are real, dried, pampas grass stems, ready to beautify your space. Pampas are low maintenance and do not require sun or water. These beauties will last you for few years.

Style ‘G’ Dried Pampas are our fluffy, voluminous, and airy pampas. They are intended to be displayed on its own, in a single stem, or multiple stems, depending on the vase. Cut your pampas stems to different heights for a more layered look.

Style ‘G’ differs from Style ‘P’ in that the plumes are more voluminous, soft, and fluffy.

Stems are approximately 43″ in height, and 4″ in width; stems can be trimmed down to desired height. We have them in a variety of colors (keeping in mind that each stem is derived from a real dried pampas stem, so each stem will be unique and vary in color and exact size):

  • French Champagne: This is a beautiful golden champagne color, that looks creamy in the sunlight and more golden away from natural light. It’s a light wispy plume, perfect for a touch of bohemian. This is a medium volume plume. Layer multiple French Champagne stems for a full volume look. This color is achieved through bleaching, and more fallout will be experienced than the Cool Grey color. 
  • Cool Grey: This is a more natural pampa, with grey and natural undertones. Perfect for a subtle chic look. The Cool Grey is a full-volume plume. Fallout is to be experienced because of the nature of real pampas grass.
  • Velvet Fog: A purple tinted pampas grass, with grey undertones. Perfect to add a hint of color that does not overpower the natural beauty of real pampas grass. This is a full-volume plume. Fallout is to be experienced because of the nature of real pampas grass.

Care Instructions

A few simple care instructions will ensure your pampas will stay beautiful for years to come.

  • When your pampas arrive in the packaging, they will need to be ‘fluffed out’. We recommend fluffing outside because there will be fallout from the pampas.
  • Leave in the sun for 1-2 hours for extra volume. The sun will help the pampas expand and soften.
  • Add a light coat of hairspray to seal your pampas. We recommend using an eco-friendly or unscented hairspray, as the scent of hairspray can linger.
  • Every 6 months or as desired, dust off your pampas by shaking outside.

Locally Sourced

We are proud to source our dried pampas grass from a local, female led business: Pampas Gal.

“We believe no matter what your mood is, yours spirits can be uplifted by changing your space and environment. As a Canadian, we know how long and gloomy winter months can seem. Our company was founded upon wanting to bring this beautiful, luscious, and cheerful dried grass into Canadian homes who love the heat, sunshine, and summer months as much as we do.  The pampas grass uplifts spirits, and gives any space a care-free, happy, and relaxed atmosphere. With dried pampas grass, you can bring the warm Bohemian energy into the home even through the harshest winters.”

Some photos used on this product page is provided by Pampas Gal.