LOVELLA Order Terms & Conditions

Thanks so much for your interest in ordering from Lovella Lifestyle!

We do our very best to ensure the satisfaction of our customers; please review these Terms & Conditions prior to ordering to protect the interests of all parties involved. Our Refund Policy is outlined in the subsequent subsection below. By purchasing from Lovella Lifestyle you hereby agree to these Terms & Conditions.

  1. Due to the nature of fresh florals, we cannot guarantee vase life. Lovella Lifestyle is not responsible for products that do not last beyond the initial 24 hour period on applicable Delivery orders. If your product shows signs of wilt, infection and/or decay within 24 hours of receipt, please contact us and send a picture to
  2. For pick up and in-studio orders, Lovella Lifestyle is not responsible for products after they have been taken into the possession of the Customer. Customer acknowledges that to take possession of products is to have thoroughly inspected and approved products in-person prior to taking possession. Damages and/or deterioration while in the care of the Customer is solely the Customer’s liability, whether by affect of care, transit, exposure, handling, or other such factors.
  3. The 24-hour window of ‘Receipt’ or ‘Delivery’ for fresh florals begins at the first attempted delivery time. This is true of orders that have been Re-Delivered.
  4. Fresh florals that are delivered and left unattended are no longer covered by the 24-hour window of ‘Receipt’ or ‘Delivery’. Lovella is released of all liability for such orders after the Delivery Driver has departed the premises, whether by explicit or implied accord of either the Customer/”Sender” or by Recipient or representative of Recipient.
  5. All Designer’s Choice order aesthetic decisions are at the sole discretion of the Designer. The Designer takes care of duty in maximizing the impact of the fresh arrangement with each and every order, within the budget and scope of the project.
  6. When the customer selects a Delivery Window, it is the customer’s sole responsibility to ensure that the Recipient is able to receive the order during that time, at the provided location.
  7. Our Delivery Window is Monday through Saturday, 9:00am – 6:00pm (Edmonton) MST/MDT, within Edmonton city limits. If you have a specific time in mind, please email us and we will try our best to accommodate. At times of adverse weather or road conditions, delays in delivery may be expected.
  8. Our Pickup Hours are Monday through Friday, 11:00am – 5:00pm (Edmonton) MST/MDT, at our studio location of 4619 99 Street NW in Edmonton AB.
  9. Pickup Orders can be expected to be ready no sooner than 3 (three) “Pickup Hours” following successful transaction of order, unless otherwise explicitly notified. Pickup Orders that are placed with less than 3 (three) “Pickup Hours” remaining in the business day can be expected to be rolled over to the next business day with applicable Pickup Hours, unless otherwise explicitly notified.
  10. In the case that the Customer provides incorrect information, any resultant costs are at the Customer’s sole expense. This includes but is not limited to administration time and Re-Delivery Fees.
  11. Lovella reserves the right to refuse to hand-write submitted messages at our sole discretion.
  12. Customers and Recipients use and/or consume Lovella’s goods and/or services at their own risk. Lovella is not liable for any bodily, emotional, financial or otherwise, damages, resulting from the use or consumption of our goods and/or services. This includes, but is not limited to, stains, pigmentation, allergic reactions, adverse biological reactions, pests, scratches, water damage, etc.
  13. As a result of COVID-19, all Deliveries are Contact-less. Unless the customer expresses it is okay to leave the order unattended, via Order Comments or other means during Checkout, the following will apply:
    • The product will be left at the step of the house, and the doorbell will be engaged, or the door will be knocked on. If the order is not retrieved within 5 minutes, the order will be withdrawn and a Re-Delivery will be attempted at the next opportunity.
    • If the Recipient is in a Condominium, Apartment, public or private institute, and where applicable, the order will be left with Concierge/Front Desk.
    • If a Concierge/Front Desk situation is not applicable, the Recipient will be ‘buzzed,’ If after three attempts and 5 minutes elapsing, the Recipient is not present, able or willing to receive the order, the order will be withdrawn and a Re-Delivery will be attempted at the next opportunity.
    • Re-Delivery fee will be dependent on the Zone of delivery, and will occur at the next opportunity, which is defined as either later that day or the next Delivery Day, at the sole discretion of our Delivery team.

Refund and Exchange Policy

  1. Due to the nature and customized nature of the product(s), there are no refunds on Stationery orders. Having said that, if there is an issue with the order, please message us and we will do our best to take care of you.
  2. Due to the fresh nature of floral/foliage product(s), there are no refunds on floral and/or foliage orders. Having said that, if there is an issue with the order, please message us and we will do our best to take care of you.
  3. Fresh floral orders that are held for pick up will be discarded after 3 days with no opportunity for refund, exchange or credit to the Customer or Recipient.
  4. Lovella Lifestyle will not exchange your floral product(s).
  5. There are no refunds or exchanges on Subscription products. All Subscription products are considered pre-orders and are therefore committed.
  6. There are no refunds or exchanges as a result of the Recipient rejecting or being unable to accept the order.